OpenSF 2012

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The banner has been furled and the crowds have gone home, changed.  OpenSF was wild, and groundbreaking, and illuminating, and it is over.

Thank you all so much for attending, and putting yourselves and your efforts into this conference!  The staff provided the framework and much labor, but it was the presenters that brought the (incredible!) content, the volunteers who kept things running, and the attendees who participated and made it all worth it.

OpenSF will not be back next year, as conferences are hard work and life intervenes. There may be future events down the road. In the meantime we encourage you to look towards other sexuality conferences:

Dark Odyssey Nov 9–11 2012
International Ms. Leather 2013
NorthWest Leather Celebration 2013

We videotaped the keynotes and some of the sessions.  Stay tuned! 
The video will become available sometime soon, giving you the opportunity to see some of the things you may have missed.

OpenSF conference workshops incorporated innovative topics such as advanced non-monogamy skills, research findings, sex/kink party etiquette, movement classes, and peer led skill shares. In addition there was a strong focus on the role of non-monogamy in sexual minorities and other oppressed groups. All this ran alongside traditional non-monogamy subjects such as managing jealousy and opening relationships.

OpenSF is a project of Polyamory Productions Incorporated, a nonprofit organization which supports education and community-building for nonmonogamous people.