OpenSF 2012 Code of Conduct


Yes means yes, no means no, and maybe means no. Please take no for an answer, for everything from simple social requests to intimate encounters. Do not corner people socially - if someone is looking trapped, give them space. Sexual or other harassment will not be tolerated at this event. We encourage you to seek enthusiastic consent for all activities during the weekend.

No touching other people without asking! (Or unless you already have that sort of relationship with them.) We really mean it. This means no random hands on knees, shoulders, etc. We know this is California and everyone hugs, but please do that awkward "wanna hug?" gesture before actually hugging. When in doubt about any kind of social or erotic touching, please ASK FIRST. We have attendees who do not like to be touched, and they will like you much better if you respect their personal space.

We have many different sorts of people attending this conference: different sexualities, genders, races, and abilities, among other differences. Also, we have many different kinds of non-monogamous folks: poly people, open relationships, swingers, BDSM types, and non-monogamous sex workers, to name a few. Please respect folks who are different from you. In particular please respect the chosen pronouns/genders of the people you are talking to. Blatant instances of racism, sexism, homophobia, and so on should be reported to the conference staff, who will have a social justice advocate available to handle such situations.

Please do not wear fragrance! This includes perfumes, colognes, deodorant, heavily scented shampoos, and so on. We have a number of attendees who will have bad allergic reactions to scented products. We love the smell of your body - please don't cover it up!

Please respect the sessions and the presenters. Please do not interfere with a facilitator's ability to run their session or speak. Please respect the other session attendees. Try not to hog the limelight or speak over other people during discussions. We encourage you to actively seek out and hear perspectives that are different from your own and which challenge you.

We are allowing parents to bring their children into some sessions. Please do not give them trouble for it. Parents are however ultimately responsible for their children's behavior in those sessions.

There are chairs and spaces at the front and the back of most of the session rooms which are marked reserved. The front row chairs are reserved for folks who are vision or hearing impaired. The back row is reserved for folks needing mobility accomodations. As well, back row seating chairs will be spaced further apart to ensure extra room for folks needing this accomodation.

Due to hotel rules, there is no nudity at the conference proper, though it is allowed at the affiliated Pink party. In the hotel common areas and sessions, please wear something that you would be able to wear on the street without facing arrest. Note that in at least one session the presenters will be using "technical clothing" (genitals, ass, and women's nipples covered - but just barely) to illustrate what they are teaching. You will be warned which sessions are doing this.

Violations of the code of conduct may be cause for expulsion from the conference.