OpenSF 2012 Organizers

Pepper Mint

Pepper is a polyamory and BDSM activist, organizer, and social theorist. He helps host the Love Triangle dance club, Poly Speed Dating, and the Poly Asylum Burning Man camp. With Jen and Ari, he talks to classes and gives workshops on nonmonogamy. You can find his social theory and nonmonogamy guides at

Juana Tango

In a burst of glitter Juana Tango was born on a burlesque stage! Under her muggle name Ms. Tango has fiercely strived for love and justice using her weapons of choice: hugs, empowerment, perseverance, communication, and humor. In particular Juana Tango has work, conference and personal connections to latina/os, children, women, size acceptance, low income and sexuality freedom movements. ¡Que viva la justicia y el amor!


Invisibleank is an immigrant from South Asia. At the moment, she is a wannabe poly activist. She is drawing and blogging at In the past, she has worked for the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center in San Francisco as a media person where she wrote this article. She has also volunteered as hotline counselor for Bay Area Women Against Rape.

Jon Spinner

Growing up, Jon was profoundly affected by the travel journals of Leo Buscaglia and fellow Missourian, Mark Twain, and set out on his own journey of self-discovery shortly after graduation. Through rough waters and calm, he has always found the people who have touched his life have made the trip worth it. During that time, he has also worked for, co-directed, or otherwise subbed for ACT-UP St. Louis, St. Louis Effort for AIDS, Bisexuals of Greater Kansas City, Planned Parenthood, BiNet USA, “Anything that Moves” magazine, Mental Health Association of San Francisco, Bay Area Bisexual Network, and St. James Infirmary.

Jen Day

Jen teaches workshops on nonmonogamy skills and talks about polyamory with sexuality classes at SF and Sonoma State. She is also a minion extraordinaire who has been crucial to the success of Poly Speed Dating and Poly Asylum among other things. Perhaps sharing a latent gene with hummingbirds, she is primarily attracted to men with brightly colored hair.

Bix Warden

Bix Warden is a chanteuse, an agent provocateur, and a pleasure activist.  She serves on the board of SFSI and on the Mission Control Bridge, and hosts the queer dance and play party Velvet at Mission Control on the first Friday of each month.  She identifies as polyamorous and pansexual, and believes deeply in the transformative power of non-monogomous relationships.